emancipation and democratisation of knowledge
23:41:03 Olaparib tablets as maintenance therapy in patients with platinum-sensitive, relapsed ovarian cancer and a BRCA1/2 mutation (SOLO2/ENGOT-Ov21): a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial / The Lancet Oncology Pujade-Lauraine, Eric; Ledermann, Jonathan A; Selle, Frédéric; Gebski, Val; Penson, Richard T; Oza, Amit M; Korach, Jacob; Huzarski, Tomasz; Poveda, Andrés; Pignata, Sandro; Friedlander, Michael; Colombo, Nicoletta; Harter, Philipp; Fujiwara, Keiichi; Ray-Coquard, Isabelle; Banerjee, Susana; Liu, Joyce; Lowe, Elizabeth S; Bloomfield, Ralph; Pautier, Patricia; Korach, Jacob; Huzarski, Tomasz; Byrski, Tomasz; Pautier, Patricia; Friedlander, Michael; Harter, Philipp; Colombo, Nicoletta; Pignata, Sandro; Scambia, Giovanni; Nicoletto, Maria; Nussey, Fiona; Clamp, Andrew; Penson, Richard; Oza, Amit; Poveda Velasco, Andrés; Rodrigues, Manuel; Lotz, Jean-Pierre; Selle, Frédéric; Ray-Coquard, Isabelle; Provencher, Diane; Prat Aparicio, Aleix; Vidal Boixader, Laura; Scott, Clare; Tamura, Kenji; Yunokawa, Mayu; Lisyanskaya, Alla; Medioni, Jacques; Pécuchet, Nicolas; Dubot, Coraline; de la Motte Rouge, Thibault; Kaminsky, Marie-Christine; Weber, Béatrice; Lortholary, Alain; Parkinson, Christine; Ledermann, Jonathan; Williams, Sarah; Banerjee, Susana; Cosin, Jonathan; Hoffman, James; Penson, Richard; Plante, Marie; Covens, Allan; Sonke, Gabe; Joly, Florence; Floquet, Anne; Banerjee, Susana; Hirte, Holger; Amit, Amnon; Park-Simon, Tjoung-Won; Matsumoto, Koji; Tjulandin, Sergei; Kim, Jae Hoon; Gladieff, Laurence; Sabbatini, Roberto; O'Malley, David; Timmins, Patrick; Kredentser, Daniel; Laínez Milagro, Nuria; Barretina Ginesta, Maria Pilar; Tibau Martorell, Ariadna; Gómez de Liaño Lista, Alfonso; Ojeda González, Belén; Mileshkin, Linda; Mandai, Masaki; Boere, Ingrid; Ottevanger, Petronella; Nam, Joo-Hyun; Filho, Elias; Hamizi, Salima; Cognetti, Francesco; Warshal, David; Dickson-Michelson, Elizabeth; Kamelle, Scott; McKenzie, Nathalie; Rodriguez, Gustavo; Armstrong, Deborah; Chalas, Eva; Celano, Paul; Behbakht, Kian; Davidson, Susan; Welch, Stephen; Helpman, Limor; Fishman, Ami; Bruchim, Ilan; Sikorska, Magdalena; Słowińska, Anna; Rogowski, Wojciech; Bidziński, Mariusz; Śpiewanki, 2017

Sci-Hub is the most controversial project in today science. The goal of Sci-Hub is to provide free and unrestricted access to all scientific knowledge ever published in journal or book form.

Today the circulation of knowledge in science is restricted by high prices. Many students and researchers cannot afford academic journals and books that are locked behind paywalls. Sci-Hub emerged in 2011 to tackle this problem. Since then, the website has revolutionized the way science is being done.

Sci-Hub is helping millions of students and researchers, medical professionals, journalists and curious people in all countries to unlock access to knowledge. The mission of Sci-Hub is to fight every obstacle that prevents open access to knowledge: be it legal, technical or otherwise.

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